The following companies, organizations, and individuals are discussed in my book. Here's a guide to their sites.

Sure, Toscanini's Ice Cream offers directions to the best ice cream in town. It also provides an imaginative guide to the flavors, in the format of the periodic table of the elements, as well as a history of ice cream stretching back to, well, the formation of ice.

Amar Bhide's home page focuses on his excellent book, The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses, and provides links to many other pieces he has written. A font of sensible research from my favorite entrepreneurial professor.

Aware Records shares tour dates, news on upcoming releases, and more on its artists-and gives you the chance to sign up for the fabulous rep program.

You know Nantucket Nectars sells great juice. Now find out more about the company history, the employees, and where to buy those great caps. A lively site that embodies the company's high-spirited culture.

Stonyfield Farm blends great packaging, high-quality food, a passion for the environment, and a love of kids on its site, just as it does with its every business decision. And of course, lots of cows.

It's not slick. But the web site for Kate's Mystery Books has character, in spades. Be sure to click on her terrific newsletters.

M Squared, Inc. provides a full and comprehensive guide to the services of this broker of independent consultants. Also provides links to the excellent book A New Brand of Expertise by CEO Marion McGovern.

Fun, fun, fun. Amy's Ice Cream posts the company history, trivia quizzes, tons of photos, and of course, the dish on ice cream. And cows, to boot.

Good food and good movies. Find out what's playing and what's cooking at the Parkway Speakeasy Theater in Oakland.

You can't buy the Essentiel Elements body care products at the site, but you can learn everything there is to know about how to make the goods from all natural products, and which spas sell them.

Lots of excellent product information about baby joggers at the company site, not to mention a smattering of history and articles.

You'd be amazed (okay, I was at first) at the depth and utility of the website for the Small Business Administration.

The main promise of the site for SCORE, the Service Corps for Retired Executives, is to hook you up with a mentor-and the site delivers on this. And it provides useful how-to articles and links.

The National Commission on Entrepreneurship was formed to help guide policy that fosters small business growth. The site provides smart research and reports for folks inside the beltway-and us too.

The Young Entrepreneur Organization provides support and peer counseling to you young (under 40) successful (running a company with more than $1 million in revenue) entrepreneurs.

For everything you ever need to know about chocolate-dipped strawberries, about ordering berries, and about launching a successful storefront and online company, visit Shari's Berries.

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