From February 2000 to April 2001 I wrote an online column about
entrepreneurship for the late great Industry Standard. Here are the columns. I've also posted some business articles that I wrote for other publications.

Just Managing: Building Evidence
Digital Paper CEO John Cronin shares his philosophy on how to build a successful company.

Just Managing: Not So Fast
Aesop's fable about the tortoise and the hare applies to the dot-com age. Finding the right niche and business plan take time - and patience.

Drkoop Hasn't Been Kicked Off the Island Yet
Through all the carnage, the online medical site continues to survive despite cash troubles and stories of its impending doom.

Just Managing: The Naked Truth About Danni's Hard Drive
As other dot-coms crumble, former stripper Danni Ashe's adult Web site is going great guns. But not for the reason you might think.

Just Managing: Choose Wisely
Once upon a time, I said there were no new rules for the new economy. Guess what: I was wrong. But one must know when to use them.

Just Managing: Weathering the Storm
How has WebMethods managed to survive the turbulent market? It simply followed the Golden Rule.

Just Managing: The Ironic Economy
Many ideas that once were thought to be flash-in-the-pan are now the very same philosophies that power the Internet world.

Just Managing: Big Business in Small Businesses
Sure, the stuff of dreamers is great - but more online companies are realizing that meeting the needs of existing companies is a thriving market.

Just Managing: The Need-Driven Startup
The surest path to profitability is to meet your customers' needs. How? Start with a business you know.

Just Managing: Are Today's Firms Built to Last?
A popular book says that for Internet Economy companies to survive, they must look past the next big thing.

Just Managing: The Poetry of Business
Entrepreneurs, like poets, invent new ways to connect people, ideas and organizations.

Just Managing: Focus! Focus! Focus!
When starting a business, don't try to take over the world. Just keep your goals clear, distinct and achievable, and you'll be successful.

Just Managing: The Benefits of Stubbornness
Despite the Net Economy's ups and downs, CEO Ben Narasin has refused to alter his business model.

Just Managing: The Four-Year Overnight Success
Dennis Deandre used the art of bootstrapping to turn his realty site into a hot Internet marketplace.

Just Managing: Second Chances
Steve Giordano learned through trial and error that it's important to maintain financial control of your company.

Just Managing: Give Me an 'A'
Entrepreneur James Marcus says always go with your 'A' ideas - the ones that practically guarantee success.

Just Managing: CEO Escapes Founder's Trap
The founder of the surfing and action-sport site knew when to hand the reins to a business expert.

Just Managing: Napster Is a One-Hit Wonder
Despite the hype, the file-swapping service won't change the fundamentals of the music business.

Just Managing: The Myth of the Turnkey Company
Crucial elements of building a business can't be done at Internet speed - such as learning.

Just Managing: The Monty Python Syndrome
E-retailers never really seem to die, they just linger on and on and on.

Just Managing: ClickZ Kicks Out the Jams
At a time when venture capital appears to be the new Holy Grail, one firm is actually funding its own growth.

Just Managing: Sign Nondisclosure Agreement Before Reading
NDAs can put a padlock on your ideas, but good old-fashioned trust might be a better business bet.

Just Managing: The Old Rules That Rule the New Economy.
Editor's Note: This article is the first in a series of columns about growing your Web company.

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