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The title of this blog mirrors the title of my book, The Startup Garden, which seeks to help any entrepreneur take the next step forward when launching a venture. (P.S. Please buy this book from meóI have directions on this page how to do so, and hope to have an easier one-click button in place in the next day or two.) My book identifies the key skills (such as financial literacy and the ability to manage by setting boundaries) that entrepreneurs must develop to gain control, and mastery, over their nascent venture. And my key argument is that virtually all successful entrepreneurs Iíve met or reported on as a journalist for publications like Inc. Magazine has necessary developed these skills as a result of growing a business. Therefore you need to master these skills as well. (As should yours truly!)

Iím taking this step backward today in order to move forward for the next stretch of time. Iíve got a bunch of posts backed up, and they make much more sense when the context is clearer. For today, Iíd like to call attention to an article I wrote for the magazine The Industry Standard three or four years ago. When I read articles about Web 2.0 and the starkly lower requirements for successful startups, I often think of my article, Small is Beautiful.

Posted by tom at September 12, 2006 03:26 PM
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