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One thing Iíve failed to do on this blog is keep up-to-date with my writing over the past few years. Since writing The Startup Garden I have also written numerous pieces of my own, yet have never made them available on this site. So here are links to a number of pieces Iíve written.

Given that the focus of this site is largely on the startup mentality, Iíll start with posts Iíve done for my friends at 800-CEO-READ, which is the best site on business books around. For that site Iíve conducted lengthy interviews with Peter Senge, Jack Bogle, Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi, Financial Times business editor Andrew Hill, and novelist Joe Finder.

Iíve also used the site to tout books I love, like the Warrenís All Your Worth (where I discuss other personal finance books), and Phil Dusenberryís Then I Set His Hair on Fire.

Finally, Iíve posted numerous thoughts on biz books there. A tribute to Peter Druckerís work and influence. Musings on good business books. Praise for books about the IRS, under ďWhy Bad Companies Spawn Good BooksĒ.

One of my intended posts for the site, which took Raytheon CEO William Swanson to task for plagiarizing his popular biz pamphlet, grew, at Todd Sattersten and Sally Haldorsonís urging, into a changethis manifesto. Itís called The Unwritten Rules of Management, and while the article critiques Swansonís behavior, the broader goal is to point out a few lessons that his rise and fall spotlights.

As for fun writing, Iíve had the pleasure of filling in for my friend Ellen on her Answergirl site for a couple of spots in the past few years. These pieces are at the site in the weeks of February 6-13 of last year mid-January of this one. If you have the luxury of being able to suddenly lose an hour or two go to the launch of her blog and see how well she has taken two impossible challenges and completely owned them in her own voice. Iím somewhat in awe.

All right, enough about me! More stuff later today and this week, when Iíll explain why Iíve spent most of my professional focus in the past two years helping produce material about lean manufacturing.

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